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Fire Suppression Systems - Vehicle Fire Suppression

Dry Chemical Extinguisher Systems for Off Road Vehicles

The Off Road Vehicle Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered, fixed nozzle system designed for application to mobile materials handling equipment commonly used in agricultural, construction, forestry, mining and other industries.

A system consists of three major components:

  • a container to store the dry chemical extinguishing agent
  • a manual and/or automatic (optional) actuation device to trigger the system
  • a delivery system to carry the dry chemical from the storage container to the fire

Agent Storage

The basic agent storage system is a tank filled with dry chemical which is effective on Class A, B and C fires. A carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas expellant cartridge is mounted on the tank to provide pressurization of the dry chemical upon actuation.


The system is actuated manually, either by a dashboard or remote actuator; or automatically using a detection and control device (optional). The final methods of actuation are determined by the fire protection objectives of the system hazard analysis and design.


The dry chemical extinguishing agent is delivered from the tank through rubber covered hydraulic hose and pre-set nozzles into the hazard area.

Kidde Wolfpack: Mine & Vehicle Fire Protection

Recent catastrophic fire loses involving large mining vehicles have created an awareness that the fire protection capabilities of systems installed in the past, have not kept pace with the technologically advanced vehicles being introduced to both the mining and off-road vehicle market.

Kidde Fire Systems offers a new age of fire protection solutions for these unique fire hazards. The only answer to this need is Wolfpack. Wolfpack uses a modular concept which places critical components after a detailed hazard analysis is carried out. Kidde's KVS Systems combine immediate detection coupled with single or dual agent configurations to better fit the needs of the individual customers. A dry chemical provides immediate flame knockdown and, if necessary, can be combined with a second shot of dry chemical for extended discharge, or with a wetting agent such as foam for securement of horizontal hazards and to provide additional cooling. The right solution for the specific application every time.

Wolfpack... New Technology Fire Protection for New Technology Vehicles.