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Fire Suppression System with Fine Water Spray

Water mist systems were originally introduced in the 1940s and were utilized for specific applications such as passenger ferries.  Renewed interest in water mist systems is primarily due to the phase out of Halon 1301 but was also used where the amount of water that may be stored or discharged is limited.  Typical water mist systems utilize water as the extinguishing, suppression, or control medium but do so in a non-traditional manner.

In 1993 representatives from the research and engineering communities, water mist manufacturers, insurance, and industrials users met and began work to develop and new standard for the reliable design and installation of these systems.  NFPA 750 was born shortly there after and has undergone significant changes in 2000, 2003 and again in 2006 as the interest in this technology increases.  As new technology is introduced the document will continue to be modified to adapt to the developments presented by the manufacturers.

How do water mist systems suppress a fire?

Water mist systems is typically unaffected by enclosure integrity, the small droplet size provides rapid cooling of the fuel and fire plume and subsequent extinguishment by oxygen depletion.  Because of the benign nature, being total safe for human exposure, allows for automatic and immediate manual release.

A typical water mist systems were designed for total flooding of an enclosure, typically limited to less than 9,175 cubic feet.  However, new technology has been developed that allows protection of volumes up to 60,000 cubic feet.  Applications where a system is used include: machinery spaces, gas turbine enclosures, semiconductor equipment, generator sets and transformer enclosures. 

Some systems are approved for use in protection of specific areas of equipment and are referred to as “local application”.  These types of systems do not require any enclosure and typically are not limited to specific dimensions. 

There are a variety of fire protection systems available today, from traditional sprinkler and high-pressure water mist systems to chemical and inert gas clean agent systems. Inherent in these systems are particular advantages and limitations, depending upon the hazard application.

Victaulic Vortex Fire Suppression System

In June of 2008, Victaulic launched the world's first hybrid water-based inert gas system: the Victaulic Vortex Fire Suppression System. Through a proprietary patented technology, this total flooding and local application solution combines nitrogen gas and water to extinguish fires in a 3 dimensional approach without damaging property or using toxic agents.  Applications for the system include data centers, automotive manufacturing, industrial and power generation facilities using as little as one gallon of water per minute per emitter each emitter can protect up to 2,500 cubic feet.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE VORTEX BROCHURE.

Ansul Water Mist Fire Suppression SystemAnsul Fire Protection – AQUASONIC Water-Atomizing Fire Suppression System

Is a revolution in Class B fire protection technology.  A pair of supersonic atomizers can produce 1.5 trillion water droplets per second – equivalent to covering an Olympic-sized soccer field in one minute.  The system uses water for the suppression agent and nitrogen as the propellant in creation of the mist.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE AQUASONIC BROCHURE.