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Fire Safety, Inc. Fire Protection Products, Service, Solutions & Expertise

Fire Detection and Suppression Services - History of Fire Safety Inc.

Mission Statement

Fire Safety, Inc. will continue to be a customer oriented company that provides a full line of quality fire detection and suppression products and services with cost effective solutions for protecting life, property and the environment.

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History of Fire Safety


For more than 40 years, we’ve served our customers with honesty and integrity.

In 1968, a 37-year old firefighter named Bob Stocker noticed that the Wood River, Illinois Fire Department was receiving numerous requests from local businesses wanting to purchase fire extinguishers.  Instead of referring them to St. Louis for their fire safety needs, Bob saw an opportunity.  With the support of his wife, Mary, a few hundred dollars and a 1954 Ford pick-up, Bob founded Fire Safety, Inc. in his home’s basement.

Since that day, Fire Safety has grown to become one of the largest, most innovative fire protection companies in the Midwest with offices in Wood River and Benton, Illinois and in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri.  Bob’s relentless pursuit of the latest techniques, systems, and hardware, along with our staff of over 50 specially-trained individuals has made Fire Safety a pioneer in the industry.  Whether it be portable fire extinguishers or a custom engineered fire suppression system, Fire Safety has the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to excellence necessary to meet your company’s fire protection needs.

We moved out of Bob’s basement a long time ago.  That old Ford has been replaced by 30+ service vehicles which cover over 100,000 square miles of territory.  Many things have changed since 1968.  But some things remain the same.  Today, we here at Fire Safety remain dedicated to the core values Bob laid out when he filled that first extinguisher:  Integrity, Quality, Expertise, Service.

Give us a call for any of your residential, commercial, or industrial fire protection needs. We’d be happy to show you first-hand what a leader in fire safety service can do for you.


PHONE: 800-642-4817
FAX: (618) 254-0713

PHONE: 800-642-4817
FAX: (573) 474-4569