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F-500 Micelle Encapsulator Fire Suppression Agent

F-500 is a specially engineered chemical that is used for a wide variety of fire suppression, vapor suppression, and bioremediation applications. Below are some of the features and benefits that F-500 provides the end user.

Key Features and Benefits

Feature   Benefit
Fast Extinguishment  
Saves lives (victims and firefighters)
Less property damage
Reduces insurance claim amounts and premiums
Reduced Surface Tension  
Provides greater surface coverage and deeper penetration into pores of Class A materials
Facilitates spreading of F-500 molecules in Class B materials
Rapid Heat Reduction  
Fast extinguishment of Class A and Class B fuels
Firefighter can approach fire more safely
Reduces threat of spontaneous reignition
Reduces combustion threat of surrounding infrastructure
Enhanced Burnback Resistance  
When F-500 and water are applied at the proper rates, firefighters can walk through fuel with no threat of reignition
Penetration of F-500 into pores of Class A materials severely inhibits the fire from restarting
Increased Visibility  
Better able to locate victims
Less danger to firefighter through increased visibility
Can pre-mix F-500 into booster tanks without worrying about corrosion of pumps or plumbing
Reduced risk to emergency response personnel
Reduced risk to the environment
Reduced risk to the environment
Vapor Suppression (reduces vapors below the Lower Explosive Limit)  
Eliminates the risk of explosion by sparks from extrication equipment
Safer highway fuel spills
Reduces explosive vapors in confined space
Faster Tank Degassing / Tank Turnaround
Bioremediation Aid  
Speeds breakdown of hydrocarbons by increasing the surface area allowing naturally occurring microorganisms to digest the hydrocarbons
Reduces toxicity level of hydrocarbons
Manufactured under ISO 9001 Accredited Quality Management System  
Assures the customer and end users consistent, reproducible, traceable quality, and reliability of the design and manufacturing process
Multi-Purpose Agent  
Class A fire extinguishing agent
Class B fire extinguishing agent
HazMat vapor suppression agent
15 Year Shelf Life  
Reduces concern about expiration of F-500
Applied with Standard Foam Equipment (Nozzles, Eductors, Proportioners, PW Extinguishers, CAFS, PRO/pak)  
No purchase of special equipment needed
100% Miscible in Water  
F-500 will not separate if premixed in a tank
Low in Toxicity to Tested Aquatic Organisms  
Reduced risk to the environment