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Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Flame Detection and Building Fire Alarm Systems

We offer a wide selection of fire alarm control panels using conventional and addressable intelligent technologies. Representing both fire alarm and releasing system manufacturers we can offer hardware that is best suited to fit the application at hand.

Conventional detection hardware provides a low cost solution to many of the needs of smaller less complex releasing systems. With larger systems typically require addressable intelligent detection devices that offer application specific detection, environmental compensation, history logs and the ability to release multiple systems from a single panel. With the additional stability offered by addressable intelligent releasing systems the end-users maintain control and confidence in the hardware and operation of the system.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

For those special high hazard applications we can use high sensitivity air sampling systems that use laser based or cloud chamber detection units. Air sampling systems we offer can be custom designed to provide detection for small environments with self-contained air handling systems or large volumes with complicated air handling systems.

Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection

Combustible and toxic gas detection systems can detect the presence of hazards concentrations of either flammable or toxic gases protecting life and processes.

Flame Detection

Optical flame detection systems utilize various combinations of optical flame detection. We offer ultraviolet detection, combination of ultraviolet and infrared and multiple frequencies of infrared detectors. Flame detection offers the fastest method of flame detection offered in industrial fire detection.