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Fires Safety Bar Coding for Emergency Equipment Inspection in St. Louis

Fire protection bar coding by Fire Safety, Inc.

Fire Safety offers several options when it comes to barcoding your fire and safety equipment.  We can provide on-site barcode inspections with our technicians or we can provide you with the training and equipment to perform inspections with your own personnel.  We have a partnership with Tiscor, a premium barcode software developer and equipment provider.  We not only sell the Tiscor FM for Fire system, we also utilize it to perform detailed inspections of some of the largest facilities in our service area.

Tiscor FM for Fire is a versatile, flexible solution that can be used by any size facility. The product is designed to schedule, track and document inspection and maintenance activities on all types of fire & life safety equipment, fire doors, sprinklers, and EH&S equipment. The system ensures accurate, on-time inspections and eliminates missed inspections. The comprehensive reporting feature provides information on due, overdue, completed, and future inspections.

By utilizing hand-held Pocket PCs, FM for Fire allows technicians to record detailed information about inspections and provides the ability to generate a work order in the field.

FM for Fire is also available as a web-based service (TISCOR Fire Direct), a licensed stand-alone system or a licensed client-server enterprise application.